17 November 2011

Where on earth do we think we are going in strategic policy?

You can find here text of 1500 words I wrote today on the Australian-American alliance. I have offered it to a media outlet, but there is such a deluge of royal visit euphoria with the excellent President Obama here. We can see that both the United States and Australian strategic policies are being pulled by the tail of military options and military interests.

It used not to be thus as my text at link narrates.

The rot begun, or made terminal, by the invasion of Iraq, see my comments at the time here, has sadly set in brainlessness-droughted mud now we have what ought to be more thoughtful and more radical governments in Canberra and Washington.

I am now at a point where I have to say the next generations must look after themselves, if they'd bloody well come out of their creepy comforts and sullen retreats and address the issues.

16 November 2011

Nick's wedding

I wrote in August about uses of the web and devices of. I have just put up some photos I took last weekend at my son Nick's wedding. Easier, more permanent too, to have them within my own html designed pages.

You can take a look here.