10 December 2014

taxonomised, putting thoughts in boxes?

The problem is that with one blog, like this one, you pack so many different things in that it becomes as jumbled as one's own mind! :-)

A place for everything, and everything having its place!
Car park, Queensland Art Gallery Photo Stephen Tardrew 2014
So fissiparous tendencies creep in, a yearning to put things in separate boxes. Single travel events cry out for separateness, as with Japan earlier this year and now preparations for Mexico next year and so you split your brain and your writing into separate blogs for separate subjects.

And life gets a new focus, so you devote a blog to sustainable life in a suburban food forest. Soon enough writing things there that have a wider perspective.

And then someone urges, pushes me, to write more on the current murky strategic environment and the horrors of current Australian national policy... and I start another blog on that recently, separate again, so as to try to give focus and maybe avoid taint to more personal, more artistic stuff put here in the past. And from the strategic blog I have to link back to the garden blog.

Why write all this?  ... Doubtless old habits, compulsions to write. I scribble therefore I am. To paraphrase Descartes's cogito ergo sum ("I think therefore I am") and Aldous Huxleys futuo ergo sum, "I fuck therefore I am". Both of which have merits. But here on this non-paper, writing the visible expression, the articulation of meaning, and without that, what evidence of life. Perhaps if Descartes had not written so much, modern science would not have gotten so screwed up, by his separation of mind and body and his encouragement of reductionist thinking, the fantasy that if you study the nut and bolt you get to know the process of life.

I leave to any patient reader who has gotten this far to decide whether here and elsewhere my writing makes sense. Whatever, seize the dog.