24 March 2010

Back from Italy and resuming course[s]!

We have returned from Italy determined not only to save to go back but also to apply in our lives the sense of living and colour and connection that a month in Italy gave us.

I had taken the novel as was with me, never opened it. Too much to learn and absorb and grow with, as recorded very lightly in the blog.

A lot to do to catch up with practical life. The back yard food garden deserves a blog itself, it has had quite a bit of work now with run for chooks and tomorrow hopefully some Peking bantams installed. The objective of converting a boring grass space into a food jungle is going well. Complexity achieved, its own order coming.

Liz sent a link to a presentation on writer's block that she has given in Portland. This is, in Nick's words, "awesome, solid content wonderfully presented". Indeed, and lots of fun too... But an excellent message about the ordinariness of the struggle in writing.

Let's embed Liz's performance here: