09 November 2010

Mural: Escape from Jervis Bay

I had over several weeks painted two bedrooms in the house using natural paints, achieving pleasing textures.

I then wandered into the front bedroom to consider what colour it should be. I said to Helen later, "Look, I was carrying a charcoal with me when I went to think about painting that room." She told me I would have to proceed with the mural and forget about a pretty coloured wall. Which led me to pondering the complexity and difficulty of painting it and perhaps using mosaic tiles, etc.

I have not shown it to all, but visitors from Canberra liked it last week, and Amanda, coming to do her usual fortnightly organisational support work (as she prefers I speak of cleaning), said: "I like the charcoal, charcoal's great, it's great, leave it like that."

So I spent several more hours finishing the charcoal. I find I am a bit startled with myself... this kind of work just flows. Here's a photo, of wall area approx 2.1 x 2.1 metres. Click to enlarge, 'back' to return.