23 May 2011

benchtop, first varnish after putty

I am pleased with the general artistic effect. Difficult (for me) to photograph without excessive reflection from fresh varnish. There remain two major requirements, apart from additional coats of varnish for the varnish's sake:
[1] food safety, to close off all holes and runnels; some of this perhaps with additional putty or perhaps an epoxy clear filler, or whatever colour (blue, green, red, gold) filaments and dots of putty.
[2] kitchen tool and device-proof. This may mean  just seeking a thumbs-up for tough varnish surface, may mean putting some tiles in place as trivets.

Anyway, here is the result of this afternoon's first coat. I do not want to lose the rough-hewn texture, this to be balanced by making food-safe. You will note there is a lot of putty filling gaps. It would be nice to have had all the wood texture, but there were many crevices and large holes. Pleased to do this today after night and morning of fibromyalgic miseries from carrying the beast yesterday, dammit!