07 May 2012

another step with those two works

I have taken the sketches discussed in last blog entry a little further.

I think the title of this now may be:

"I don't know, maybe they feel the cold..."

and here is where I am at with

"Are you finished yet"

Just looking a little bit northern Chinese? 

To turn from the frivolous to the sublime: 

Where I wrote in previous blog entry about needing to build in the novel the office of Hu Yaobang and Hu Qili, I have scanned, as part of getting my focus, an old photo from April 1985. Known to some as the 'erhu' (the erhu is that two stringed instrument in the Chinese orchestra that can be heard above all the rest; er means two, so the two Hus) these two people were the big voices of reform, what is more, in Yaobang's case, coming with a raspy smoker's voice from a very small man). This photo in what had once been Mao's bedroom in Zhongnanhai, the centre of government, before Hu and Hu visited Australia. People of gentle and sincere manner and good intent.

Conversation with the great reformers —  CCP General Secretary Hu Yaobang and Hu Qili, the head of the Communist Party Secretariat, April 1985. It was the death of Hu Yaobang which precipitated events in Beijing in 1989; HuQili was one of two people at the special meeting of leaders in May 1989 to vote against steps taken which I do not mention here.