20 September 2012


There is now a great blathering about Australia and China in the media, perhaps it will eventually come to something coherent, but Dennis Richardson's comments (summarised here), which veer into loose language and thus into inappropriate political argument by a senior official, tend to sustain feuding rather than coherent perspective. More and more it appears we have in the discussion a general ignorance of both US and Chinese strategic policy, trapped like some Dostoevskan double, projecting our own whims and fantasies about what those countries may be and may want.

I should stay away, do other things... but to this discussion at Club Troppo - part 1 and part 2, I offered comments, here, here and here. It's curious to join discussion in what is some sort of 'club', with academic base, you have a sense in relation to much of the discussion that you are very much an outsider in a university tea room conversation.