29 November 2012

video support for Congo project

I have made a small video in support of the trades school project in Nyalebbe, DR Congo (see also my blog entry of 27 November).

 The video is for the fundraiser of Reach Architectural Studio in Toronto, see and contribute at their website.

The protagonists, the principals of Reach, are two remarkable and committed women, Crystal Waddell and Lisa Sato. See also Crystal's website.

This Congo project is for their masters degrees in architecture at the University of Toronto. You can contribute online... I think it's worthwhile — as I say in my video:

When, in 2007, I sent the Nyalebbe Community Development Alliance funds to buy the first sewing machine for their tailoring trade course, they sent me back this wonderful photo and asked "can we call it the Argall machine". 
I said could they please call it the Agwara Machine, after their traditional Agwara dance, music clip here.