15 October 2013

a walk in the city

Weekend 12-13 October: From lunchtime in Marrickville then after dinner walk in King St Newtown, through the campus of Sydney University, from which both of us graduates, then Glebe Rd next morning; finally, back in Helen's wondrous front yard in Gerringong.

Lunch was at '2204' - cafe in Addison Rd, Marrickville. Great look, great coffee and food.
Wall detail 2204
The Australian Union Choir, see blog entry below

Enmore Rd

The writing on is on the wall, King St

This is a view through the fence from where I took the last photo, 3 second exposure, hand held

Entry to the quadrangle, University of Sydney

Well, the left door led, 50 years ago, to Anthropology, from whence Dennis's honours degree

Breezy exit from the quadrangle, view to city

Out in the dark, we found (by ear) one of the several pianos in the open around the university, family delight
Glebe Rd is somewhat upmarket from King St

refined in the morning as well as evening, thank you. Redheads roolz!

on opening bedroom door in hotel, Sunday morning

and back to Helen's front yard

where the mulberry is being manipulated