26 March 2012

beginning another painting

Laying the ground for "Awake to a Blue Sky" - a figure leaning way over backwards, looking to the sky.

More later... am wanting very different texture from past painting, glossy, sharp. We shall see whether the painting will allow it!

Again for the May open exhibition of the Shoalhaven Mental Health Fellowship on the theme, Out of Darkness into the Light. On masonite, incorporating frame in picture, masonite 65 x 125 cm.

..... contemplating the dark lower scene, my mind went to Blake's 'dark satanic mills'... a google images search for 'william blake satanic mills' brought much food for thought, including these pages:

link 1 - link 2 - link 3 - link 4

This was first work this morning

and at the end of Day 1, 
I did some work with oil pastel (over acrylic over black gesso, over old painting)
... don't know where it goesstomorrow, but will try not to overcomplicate the background 
— or make the figure too realistic.

The small images from the camera are very helpful, compared with working on a large surface,
in identifying colour and light/dark imbalances, as well as errors of line.