27 March 2012

Day 2: second new painting

The cogitations of yesterday bear no relationship to where the painting has gone today.

The title Awake to a Blue Sky 
seems to be going away in favour of 
Chiara and her Scuri.

But this is not painted in that manner, rather drawing on the literal Italian
chiaro = light or clear 
scuro = dark
or chiara and scura [feminine]
and with the additional level here also, 
taking Chiara as a woman's name (as Clara or Clare in English)
and her Scuri — her grasping dark creatures, her demons,
holding her from her nature of light
... creatures on the one hand seemingly conventional
and on the other savage.
The belt not an adornment but a restraint.

and then to revise the left side of the work,
the bemused dark side on the left, the fury on the right