13 April 2012

Third painting for exhibition

This is my third painting for the mental health fellowship sponsored exhibition in May, with the subject 'out of the darkness into the light'.

It has been an interesting subject to explore.

The title for this is 'Risk Assessment'. A label we stumble over even in hospital toilets.

The musings of the protagonist are such as these.

I don't know if this is darkness in here, it's certainly not black. But it's without contrast. I am dulled by medication, away from risk, away from excitement and motivation, away from orgasm and pain. Away from personality too... 
Out there? Is it time to go out there? It is a risk. There is light and there is shadow. There is freedom, adventure and pain and passion and... 
So who makes the decision? And what are the consequences? What if I fail? ... I mean, what if I fail again?

'draft' as at Friday 13 April