13 April 2012

notes on the three paintings

I am obliged to produce a note explaining the relationship of my three paintings to the subject. Here are my notes with the three paintings (as drafted 13 April).

My three paintings regarding ‘out of the darkness into the light’ are derived in part from personal experience of chronic illness, in part from observation of others. 

Artist statement on side of painting:
In long-term invisible illness, 
you remain sentient, head full of ideas, 
and you remain sensual, heart needing love, flesh needing flesh. 
You reach out ... to touch or fend off? 
You turn away in loneliness.
Your totem becomes the echidna:
small, prickly, determined, defensive, hard to grasp.
Your carer, your lover,
tries to see the incomprehensible invisible,
tries to embrace your elusive mind.


I want to get out of my dark space, but my dark spirits holds me back. They reason and mumble; they make me doubt. They grasp and bite; they cause me pain.

I don't know if this is darkness in here, it's certainly not black. But it's without contrast. I am dulled by medication, away from risk, away from excitement and motivation, without orgasm or pain. Away from personality too... 
Out there? Is it time to go out there? It is a risk. There is light and there is shadow. There is freedom, adventure and pain and passion and... 
So who makes the decision? And what are the consequences? What if I fail? ... I mean, what if I fail again?

Dennis Argall, April 2012