19 April 2012

Liz's writing at new heights

My daughter Liz signed an email with request that I listen to a story of hers:
You can now listen to my story The Rugged Track on Podcastle, brought to life by the delectable Tina Connolly. Listen! http://podcastle.org/2012/03/27/podcastle-202-the-rugged-track/
 Wonderful story, wonderfully read.

I have replied thus to Liz:

I have listened 

With weeps, deep weeps.

Because it has so much autobiography.

Because you have found a new mature voice, tho a voice younger and more playful, relaxed, confident. You have mastered or mistressed the adjectives, the metaphors, the similes, the reader/listener does not stub toes on little rocks, and walking through the story one's socks (though maybe stinky) do not contain burrs of over-wroughtness. The expressive struggle isn't visible, it is silky smooth. Somehow the story that you tell, while it could be done mundane, is gripping... the enthralling is in the telling. 

There is a sufficiency of character development achieved by warmth, which is always nice. Language and dialogue rise to the occasions. 

And you have been blessed with a really wonderful reader, Tina Connolly, yes delectable, but from within your voice, not imposing...