12 October 2009

Full energy

I had the tabletop [90 x 148cm] with "Winter Dreaming" on it.
I needed to hang it outside in my studio space, under cover, so you could see the big garden vision from the door, distance of about 8 metres.

I needed to paint on the other side of the table, a more indoors vision, a summer vision.
So here she is, life sized, enticingly through the lattice:
"No, don't feel you have to keep your shirt on."

That is the view in from my one year old suburban food garden,
where this new arrival has some company, in fact:
a gifted scarecrow, gift from Banjo
and a semi-buried hitchhiker.
The hitchhiker I picked up last year, lying in a somewhat disarrayed
(and incomplete) state, beside a road near Sydney.
Interesting psychological experience to stuff her in the boot and bury her in the garden.
Police helicopters fly by but so far no sudden interest!
When I was planting the Yarrow in broken crevices of the torso I was unaware
that the foliage of this herb Achillea Millefolium is technically described
as hairy pubescent
So here below is
"No, Don't Feel You Have to Keep Your Shirt On"
without the lattice in the way.

charcoal on acrylic on particle board table top
90 x 146cm

I knew very soon after this quick sketch - soon, that it, after I had sprayed the fixative and it was unalterable, that there were things that could have been done better...
but I am pleased my drawing is becoming more free and confident.

and it's really good to draw on a solid surface and life-size